Trinity Furniture

Our Employees

Trinity employs approximately 75 skilled laborers at its Trinity, North Carolina manufacturing facility. From start to finish, Trinity's workers are dedicated to providing superb quality and craftsmanship which helps to make Trinity's product offerings exceptional and second to none. We could not do what we do without them.

See what our employees have to say about Trinity Furniture. Click on an image to enlarge:

Brian Henderson - Cutter

“This company has a lot that goes along with it besides a paycheck. The insurance and benefits that we have, other companies don't provide for their employees.”

Janet Kennedy - Rough End Lead

“It starts back here as raw lumber. Then, when I go up front and see it shipped out, I look to see what I helped make.”

Jerry Kersey - Freight Manager

“When that truck's rolling out, loaded with all this fine Trinity Furniture, that's a feeling of accomplishment.”

Josh Summey - Upholsterer

“The first day I walked in here, Jorge shook my hand and said, 'Welcome to the family.' That meant something to me.”

Karon Hulin - Upholsterer

“I want it just right before I send it off my table. It's got to be good.”

Kenneth Tate - Band Saw Operator

“Get it done right the first time. As my mom used to say, ‘I don't like to chew my cabbage twice.'”

Marsha Norman - Finish Lead

“When it goes into a university or a hospital, or even to the Pentagon, you know that your hand was on that furniture. That's real rewarding.”

Paulette Byrd - Frame Builder

“I'm constantly moving around getting things right. I can't be still, I love it.”

Sharon Caddell - Frame Inventory Control

“I like working at a factory. It's the same people every day. You get to really know somebody. You can trust everybody here.”

Tammy Moses - Sewer

“I want to sew as if it was going into my own house. If it's something I would be satisfied with, that's what I want to produce for the customers.”